50 Cent Addresses Jay Z Being Attacked By Solange Knowles, Releases …

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50 Cent releases an Instagram clip which features Jay Z being attacked by Solange Knowles.

50 Cent has addressed the Jay Z and Solange altercation footage that was released today (May 12).

“Family Matters, jay you did the right thing keep cool.lol #smsaudio #animalambition,” 50 Cent says via Instagram.

50 Cent also provides a voiceover for the footage in a clip on Instagram.

“Now what was that slick shit you sayin’?” 50 Cent says, seemingly pretending to be Solange in the clip. “Nah, fuck that Marcy shit, nigga, this Houston.”

The Knowles family hails from Houston, Texas. Jay Z is from New York’s Marcy Projects.

“Get the fuck off me,” 50 Cent continues saying in the clip. “Gon’ get your ass kicked, nigga. Don’t never in your life try to…Try to play me with your fuck shit, I will fuck you up, Jay. I will fuck you up.”

In the video released today, Solange reportedly attacks Jay Z, punching and kicking the rapper. Beyonce stands beside Jay in the clip. The altercation reportedly took place at a Met Gala after party, which was held at the Standard Hotel in New York City, New York May 5. 

50 Cent’s voiceover clip is below.

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