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Okay, stop what you’re doing right now, because you need to watch this. The creative minds behind Bad Lip Reading have created a parody of speeches given at the 2016 Democratic National Convention and it’s EPIC. Click here to watch the hilarious video!

We’re guessing it takes about a month to make a good Bad Lip Reading video, as that’s how long it’s been since the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia ended, leaving Hillary Clinton the official Democratic presidential nominee. And what Bad Lip Reading created out of the speeches given at that convention is nothing short of brilliant.

With the song “Faithfully” by Journey playing in the background, the five minute video shows a series of clips taken from the speeches of first lady Michelle ObamaChelsea Clinton, former President Bill Clinton, Bernie Sanders, President Barack Obama, and Hillary herself. But the clips only show the famous Democrats talking, not what they are actually saying. Instead, we get some EPIC voiceover work.

See Hillary Clinton’s Donald Trump face swaps

“Hondish. Coddlesip. Eubillican. Respeciment. Complectogram. These words, ought to mean something. Toelingus, that sounds nasty,” Barack’s voiceover says in the ridiculous clip.“Sometimes the people that like to smoke the pot, use an Etch A Sketch. As you know, I’m tied to one of those people,” the fake voice of Democratic presidential nominee says hilariously. “You see, I’m wearing my three hemp bracelets and just rapping at ya. Good times right?” Bill’s voiceover says nonchalantly. Oh, and they all seem to refer to Hillary as, “Hickory Knick!” You even hear Alicia Keys “performing” with nonsense lyrics. Literally, we have no words to explain how much we love these bad words.

Bad Lip Reading has produced multiple parody videos of politicians, entertainers and celebrities. Seriously, they go after everyone. They even did Bad Lip Readings of a Democratic presidential primary debate between Hillary and Bernie ,and Barack’s 2013 inauguration. No one is safe!

HollywoodLifers, what do you want to see a Bad Lip Reading of next? Let us know below!

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