Batman Arkham Knight launch trailer – With cool Breaking Bad star voiceover

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In fairness if you have Jonathan Banks in your game (that’s Mike from Breaking Bad) you better bloody well use his voice as much as possible.

Here’s the Batman Arkham Knight launch trailer.

What a voice…

In Arkham Knight, Banks plays the part of James Gordon – often friend of the Batman and father to Barbara who also has a significant role to play in this new game. The plot revolves around the aftermath of Arkham City, with Batman chased by new demons as Gotham is evacuated and the Scarecrow rises for revenge.

The city is bigger and more detailed than ever before and you finally get to drive around in the actual Batmobile – which handily launches you into the air to get around the map quicker. You’ll also be able to use tag-team actions in certain fights with allies like Catwoman, Robin and Nightwing and generally go to town on punks in all manner of inventive ways.

Early reviews for the new game have been hugely positive, especially focussing on the combat, graphics and dark storytelling. We’re not so sure about the Muse song in the trailer though. It’s called Mercy and its from their new albmum Drones.

More Banks please.

Batman: Arkham Knight is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC now.

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