Bethesda Releases Fallout 4’s Official 4K Screenshots; Male Protagonist to …

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Fallout 4’s official screenshots released by Bethesda Game Studios not so long ago promises not to disappoint fans who have been eagerly waiting for the game, which more than five years to arrive.

While the initial images released were taken from the same three-minute official reveal trailer, they still give a pretty good idea of what Fallout 4 graphics will offer. These screenshots, all shown in 4K resolution, however, will most likely disappoint some fans as it does not provide anything they have yet to see.

Anyway, the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2015 is happening next week. Waiting for new details won’t be that excruciating. Bethesda Game Studios is one of the main exhibitors at the 16-18 June 2015 E3 in California, and new info on Fallout 4 can be expected at the developer’s 14 June press conference at 7PM US PDT.

Based on the trailer, the main protagonist of the game will have a canine companion like Dogmeat from the previous installment. The German shepherd figures prominently all throughout the trailer.

The Mysterious Stranger is also seen, and could possibly assist the players in finishing off enemies.

Landmarks in Boston, Massachusetts such as Paul Revere’s monument and the ship Old Ironsides confirm the game location, with the year being 2277.

At the end of the trailer, the male protagonist wearing a Vault 111 jumpsuit tells the dog, “Let’s go, pal.” If the voiceover was not made solely for the purpose of the trailer then this would be the first time the protagonist would have a speaking dialogue in the series.

There are some speculations that Fallout 4 players could expect the possibility that the introduction of weather phenomena such as rain and fog – as seen in both images and the trailer – could affect in-game conditions.

One of the initial screenshots released by Bethesda reportedly contains secrets. The picture shows the dog sitting next to and looking up at the armor in the center part.

The upcoming action role-playing open world game is currently on pre-sale for US$59.99. Fallout 4 is going to be released for Playstation 4, Windows, and Xbox One.



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