Love Island’s voiceover man Iain Stirling has also found love this summer with Laura Whitmore

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Love Island's voiceover man Iain Stirling has found love this summer with Laura Whitmore
3 (Picture: Getty – Rex –

Forget about Kem and Amber, Alex and Montana, and Camilla and Jamie.

The hot Love Island romance this summer goes to voiceover man Iain Stirling who has reportedly also found love with TV presenter Laura Whitmore.

Iain has become one of the star’s of the show thanks to his witty one-liners and self-deprecating humour and he reportedly met Laura in 2016.

The pair – who are both pals with Caroline Flack – became good friends after meeting at an ITV party but their friendship blossomed intro romance with pals describing them as ‘the perfect match’.

‘They kept the relationship private to give it the best possible chance, but it’s well known in their close circle of friends how happy they are,’ a source close to the pair said.

‘They are very much in love and are boyfriend and girlfriend.’

I got my mate to take this photo because I’m having a lovey time on Love Island and I don’t care how wanky it is!

A post shared by Iain Stirling (@iaindoesjokes) on Jun 16, 2017 at 2:38pm PDT

Laura, 32, has ketp her romantic life out of the public but has previously been linked to Paolo Nutini and Sunset Sons frontman Rory Williams.

Iain, 29, told back in June that his plan for when the summer ends was to ‘get a girlfriend, settle down and go on tour’ – looks like he can tick one of those three off the list already and it’s not even August.

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Five Actors You Might Not Realize do Voiceover Commercials

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If you knew who did the voice over acting for many of the commercials you watch you might be surprised. A lot of them won’t show their faces so it’s their voices you’ll have to hear to guess who it is. With some actors and actresses it’s very easy to tell, but others can alter their voice just enough that you really have to listen in order to distinguish them from any other voice actor. A few of them might actually surprise you they’re so good at it.

Here are just a few actors that have lent their voice to various products.

5. Fred Savage – Honda

So this is post-Wonder Years, when his voice has finally reached its appropriate level and no longer squeaks occasionally. Fred Savage hasn’t done a whole lot with his career but he hasn’t been idle either. Aside from being in Austin Powers: Goldmember, he’s also made several TV appearances as well and been kept rather busy. As of now he is supposedly going to be Honda’s new spokesperson.

4. Robert Downey Jr. – Planters Peanuts

Given the cocky attitude of Mr. Peanut it’s not too surprising that the role went to Robert Downey Jr. After all, this is the guy that still plays Tony Stark to such an awesome degree. He’s got attitude he hasn’t even tapped yet and it shows in this little TV spot. Why Downey would even bother doing voice acting though with all the roles he takes on is kind of odd, but it is nice to see him diversify.

3. Ed Harris – Home Depot

Some might say that Ed Harris has a very distinctive voice and isn’t hard to place. But he’s also one of those actors you really have to get into, otherwise you might know the voice but his name could elude you for a little while. He’s been a very successful actor throughout his career and it’s no wonder why someone would want to use his voice for any commercial given that it’s rough enough to be convincing and yet steady and neutral enough to be pleasing to the ear.

2. John Goodman – Dunkin Donuts

This is another actor that a lot people can recognize by his voice if they’ve ever watched Roseanne or any of his many films. If you don’t really keep up on his acting career though you might have missed him for a while simply because he is one of those actors that’s been known to fall off the radar by doing small roles and taking on lesser known projects. The great thing about John Goodman is that whenever he comes back it’s like he never left, he just picks up and gets it going again.

1. Will Arnett – GMC

Now this might be the one that stumps people. Will Arnett is very well known to many fans and as such his voice can be very distinctive. In many truck commercials however you might note that the man doing the voice over tends to put a bit of a growl into his voice during part of it. Whether this is because trucks are thought to be a man thing or whatever, that throaty growl kind of mask’s Arnett’s usual tone and makes it kind of difficult to equate the voice with the man.

Voice over jobs seem more like a way to pass the time for some actors, but it could also be a way for them to unwind and kick back between jobs.


Lily Tomlin, Ken Burns & More Join Voice Arts Awards Gala

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Lily Tomlin, Ken Burns  More Join Voice Arts Awards Gala

Annual Voice Arts® Awards honoring the best talent in the voiceover industry will be back in NYC this year. GOOD MORNING AMERICA called THE VOICE Arts® Awards, “The Oscars of voiceover acting.” The annual event takes place the last night of That’s Voiceover!™ Career Expo 2017, and is sponsored by the non-profit Society of Voice Arts Sciences (SOVAS™). The awards feature nearly 100 categories across multiple genres. Previous award winners include, Jon Hamm, Kate Winslet, James Earl Jones, Katy Perry, and Lena Dunham. “The entrants for this year’s competition truly represent the best in the industry and some of the top names in entertainment.

Current sponsors are Backstage Magazine, Sennheiser, PBS, and OVATION TV, but we are currently sourcing additional partnerships for 2017, to continue raising the bar on the level of content, glamour, and excitement in celebration of the award winners and attendees,” says Emmy® Award-winning producer and SOVAS™ CEO, Rudy Gaskins. The international competition culminates with the awards gala on November 5th in New York, at The Times Center, where TV and movie executives, actors, and voiceover actors, meet and celebrate accomplishments in the industry.

Award winning actress Lily Tomlin will be in attendance this year to receive THE VOICE Arts® Icon Award for lifetime achievement. THE VOICE Arts® Awards also celebrates the power of THE VOICE to impart change in the world. The 2017 award ceremony will present the second annual Muhammad Ali Voice of Humanity Honor to acclaimed documentary filmmaker Ken Burns. The Muhammad Ali Voice of Humanity Honor was awarded to President Barack Obama last year. This award has the full support of the Muhammad Ali Center and was created in consultation with Muhammad Ali, prior to his passing in 2016.

Visit WWW.SOVAS.ORG for entries in the craft categories and event ticket availability.

Photo Credit: Walter McBride / WM Photos

Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 Trailer – Today’s News: Our Take …

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During The Bachelorette last night (and on People slightly before), ABC released the trailer for Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise. You’ll recall that Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise was delayed while production company Warner Bros. investigated allegations of sexual misconduct on set. No evidence of wrongdoing was found, but even after production resumed, you would expect them to take what happened seriously, right? It’s not a good look to be glib about a sexual assault investigation.

But this tone-deaf trailer makes a joke out of it.

The ad is sort of implying that it got shut down because of bad weather, but the storm is a metaphorical one. “The sun had almost set. Summer was almost ruined. Paradise was almost lost,” the voiceover says while disappointed tweets from fans flash across the screen. “Until it wasn’t.”

Those tweets are from when the investigation was underway and it looked like the show was going to be canceled, mind you. At the time, it seemed like someone may have been sexually assaulted and they were complaining that the silly show they like wasn’t going to be on. By giving these tweets a national spotlight, Bachelor in Paradise is co-signing this attitude.

And then it’s back to the goofy shots of animals that are the series’ bread and butter. The sun is out; the storm has passed. The tweets change to “Honestly I’m so happy.” Contestant Robby Hayes whispers “Crazy.”

Crazy indeed.

Here’s the thing: Bachelor in Paradise didn’t have to acknowledge the shutdown at all in the commercial. They could have just made a normal ad and let media coverage handle the aftermath of the scandal, like letting Chris Harrison say that the scandal will be addressed in-depth on the show or someone close to the show leaking the new guidelines for alcohol consumption and sexual conduct. No one would have thought it was weird if this was just a standard promo about “finding love in Paradise,” because ads don’t acknowledge crises unless it’s like a BP commercial with a voiceover about how they’re working to make things right over shots of people cleaning oil off pelicans.

But instead, Bachelor in Paradise went ahead and did this. I guess I shouldn’t have expected Bachelor in Paradise to suddenly become a serious show that displays good judgement after it skirted disaster with minimal consequences. This is going to be a weird season.

Bachelor in Paradise premieres Aug. 14 on ABC.

Voicebrook to Highlight Pathology Reporting Optimization at 2017 Cerner Laboratory Workshop

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Lake Success, NY, July 18, 2017 –(– Voicebrook, Inc is proud to sponsor the 2017 Cerner Laboratory Workshop at the Cerner World Headquarters in Kansas City, MO. The event takes place July 17-19 and will feature strategy sessions and panel discussions regarding best practices and use of technology in the world of Pathology. A representative from Voicebrook will be available to demonstrate VoiceOver®, the only speech recognition based reporting solution built for Pathology.

VoiceOver integrates seamlessly with Cerner’s Anatomic Pathology systems and gives users control over their reporting process. With options for grossing and diagnosis, organizations can choose one reporting solution that fits the needs of all users. Additionally, Voicebrook’s team of experts work with Pathology departments to format reports, automate processes, and build custom templates including the College of American Pathologists’ electronic cancer checklist. Voicebrook helps users streamline their reporting workflow so that they can focus on what’s most important: the patient.

“We are excited to once again be sponsoring the Cerner Laboratory Workshop,” said Joseph Desiderio, President of Voicebrook. “We look forward to demonstrating how Pathology departments can optimize their reporting process using VoiceOver and Cerner’s Anatomic Pathology systems.”

About Voicebrook: Voicebrook is the only speech recognition based reporting solution built specifically for Pathology. VoiceOver® software is the most widely used and successful speech recognition solution available in the Pathology market and is used at over 450 sites in the US, Canada, and Australia. VoiceOver integrates directly with all major AP systems and expands upon core Dragon Medical functionality to ensure the highest levels of success with speech recognition in a laboratory environment, empowering Pathologists to save time, save money, and save lives.

VoiceOver utilizes Nuance’s Dragon® Medical 360 speech recognition technology and adds AP LIS specific “personalities” to maximize efficiency and improve reporting accuracy while decreasing report turnaround times. The solution was recently featured in the CAP Today article, “Hear me now? Another audition for speech recognition,” where multiple Voicebrook clients discussed how the software empowers them to save time, save money, and save lives.

The Love Island Voiceover Guy has got his own secret romance going on

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Not jealous at all…

One of the main reasons why Love Island is so bloody great is because of the absolutely hilarious, and sometimes pretty brutal, voiceover guy who commentates on all the goings on in the villa.

We’ve kinda fallen in love with his sarcastic comments and witty one-liners and can’t imagine the show without him.

The fact that he’s actually a MEGA fitlord just makes us love him a million times more.

But ALAS… it looks as though we’re unlucky in love and have been rebuffed by our celebrity crush once again, as the voice over guy aka comedian Ian Stirling is actually all loved up with Laure Whitmore.


Apparently they’ve been together for some time after meeting at a party last year, but wanted to keep their relationship out of the public eye.

“They kept the relationship private to give it the best possible chance, but it’s well known in their close circle of friends how happy they are,” a source told The Sun.

The source also added that Ian and Laura recently made things official: “They are very much in love and are boyfriend and girlfriend.”

Waaaah. Any chance of a shock re-coupling? Preferably with us…

‘Our Tara’ – Irish Blind Date’s ‘Our Graham’ voiceover will be Tara Flynn

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“I am so delighted about being the famous sidekick in Blind Date, I have very fond memories of my Saturday nights in front of the TV watching the legendary Cilla having a lorra lorra laughs! Myself and Al Porter are going to have so much fun on such an iconic show” she said.

Tara has worked in theatre, radio, TV and as a stand up comedian across the Ireland and UK and is a founding member of The Nualas comedy trio.

The voiceover for the Irish Blind Date has been revealed |

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By Laura Holland

She will be brilliant.

TV3 has announced the voiceover for the new series of Blind Date. Comedian and actor Tara Flynn will voice the show and will act as the new ‘Our Graham’.

Tara will be Al Porter’s sidekick when the classic matchmaking show comes to TV3 later this year.

Tara Flynn is the new Our Graham on Blind Date

‘Our Tara’ will recap on the singletons and what they’ve said as the narrator of the show. ‘Our Graham’ was the voiceover in the original series and was a huge part of the programme.

Tara Flynn has worked extensively as an actor and comedian in theatre, radio and TV in Ireland and the UK. She came to international acclaim in 2013 for her satirical video Racist BB, for which she was named Satirist of the Year at the Swift Satire Festival.

She was a founding member of comedy singing trio The Nualas and she has performed as a stand-up comedian all over Ireland and the UK and at festivals including Edinburgh Fringe and Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Commenting on her new role, Tara said:

“I am so delighted about being the famous sidekick in Blind Date, I have very fond memories of my Saturday nights in front of the TV watching the legendary Cilla having a lorra lorra laughs!

Myself and Al Porter are going to have so much fun on such an iconic show.”

Urgot’s new voiceover has been revealed, and he’s basically Bane

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Urgot’s new voiceover has been revealed, and it turns him into something that very closely resembles Bane from The Dark Knight Rises. Maybe it’s the mask, or maybe it’s the urge to overthrow law and order, but this new Urgot could give Tom Hardy a run for his money.

Following suit from the Galio and Warwick redesigns earlier this year, Urgot’s new voice adds tons of new voice lines that fit his new lore and personality—one that clings to pain and chaos to fuel his very existence. A post on the League of Legends forums claims that Colin O’Donoghue is the new Urgot, and if that’s true, we have to give props to you, Colin. You do a great job of selling the whole “I want to murder everything” vibe that the new Urgot has going on.

Urgot also has a ton of new interaction voice lines with other champions. After watching through the entire list, it’s safe to say that he does not enjoy anyone from Noxus, including former Noxians like Riven. Oh, and Teemo. He almost seems a little scared of him, because when upon taunting a Teemo, he says, “Compared to what you do… this is merciful.” We’re glad that it’s a universal understanding that Teemo is a psycopath that tortures the world with anything and everything he does, and that even Urgot, whose M.O. is torture and murder, knows that he isn’t on that level.

The new Urgot should be gracing all of us with his grotesque and horrifying presence in the next patch, which is still a couple of weeks away since the last patch just arrived yesterday.

We’ve Tracked Down The Guy Behind The ‘Love Island’ Voiceover, He’s HOT AF & Dating A Major Celeb!

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13 July 2017, 11:29

Meet Iain. He’s the one that makes you LOL on a nightly basis.

Love Island fans. 

Does the voiceover guy just MAKE the series for you? Because he definitely does for us. 

There’s A Chance That You Earn More In A Day Than What Emma Watson Made from Her Latest Film

Love Island Cast 2017

We think he is 100% up there in the legend category… along with the Come Dine With Me dude. 

Because, the one liners are NEXT LEVEL.  

With Love Island coming to an end next week, we are seriously going to miss our daily dose of Islander drama and gossip, but fear not because we have found the one person who will make you feel like it’s Love Island season all year round. 

We got our detective hats on and tracked down Love Island’s voiceover guy.  

We present to you… 

Iain Stirling. 

Another day of #loveisland voice over.

A photo posted by Iain Stirling (@iaindoesjokes) onJun 12, 2016 at 10:26am PDT

And he’s quite attractive, right?

He got his big break as a CBBC presenter and then went on to appear on ‘Russell Howard’s Good News’. 

We’re confused though. Why is he just a voiceover guy?  

He definitely has a face for the TV.

Iain Sterling Love Island Voiceover Guy 2016

And rumour has it that he’s dating TV presenter, Laura Whitmore. According to sources, the pair hit it off at an ITV party last year, where they were hanging out with mutual friends. Apparently, they both wanted to keep the romance out of the spotlight to ‘give it the best possible chance’ but it’s ‘it’s well known in their close circle of friends how happy they are.” 

Hi from the Sky!

A post shared by thewhitmore (@thewhitmore) onJun 26, 2017 at 8:22am PDT


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