Channel 5’s Make or Break? felt very familiar to viewers, from the island setting to the voiceover woman

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Channel 5 debuted a brand new reality show tonight (August 7) in Make or Break?, a show that takes couples that are having relationship troubles to an island and forces them to mix and match.

The aim, the on-hand relationship expert says, is to make the original couples stronger by getting them to evaluate why they got with their partners in the first place.

But it’s pretty obvious that the producers’ aim is to get everyone arguing with each other to make good TV.

The following tweets contain strong language

Whether Make or Break? is ‘good TV’ is up for debate, as fans on Twitter were divided over whether it was gloriously trashy, or just trash.

This make or break is like a cross between 2 old dating shows, temptation Island which was amazing and tool academy which was 💩#makeorbreak

— K E L L Y 🐝 (@oXx_Kelly_xXo) August 7, 2017

Watching this #makeorbreak makes you realise why singles better
Fuck all relationship bollocks

— Anthony (@AnthonyyBurke) August 7, 2017

Another show without gay couples 🙄🙄🙄🙄 #MakeOrBreak

— Char 💕 TEAM TRISHA (@Psycho_Char) August 7, 2017

Wtf at these girls still with their boyfriends who cheated 🤔🤔 #makeorbreak

— Sophie (@soafiee) August 7, 2017

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