Harry Potter is the latest film to get the Danny Dyer voiceover treatment!

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First he did James Bond, and now Danny Dyer has lent his distinctive Cockney twang to the Harry Potter films in a hilarious new clip he shared on Twitter

You’d think with having a new book to promote, Danny Dyer would be rushed off his feet right now – but it seems as though he’s still got time to record more hilarious voiceovers and share them on Twitter!

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Hot on the heels of his series of James Bond voiceovers – which saw him voice Bond himself, as well as 007’s arch enemy Blofeld and a whole bunch of special ladies in the agent’s life – the EastEnders actor has turned his hand to the Harry Potter films, giving a scene starring Emma Watson, Rupert Grint and Daniel Radcliffe the Danny Dyer treatment.

The scene sees Emma’s character Hermione Granger having it out in a heated row with evil wizard Draco Malfoy (Tom Felton), whilst Ron and Harry nervously watch on.

But, with Danny’s dubbing the clip with his distinctive Cockney twang, it makes for a funny (and much more sweary) version.

‘I’m going to iron you right out,’ Danny’s Hermione tells the blonde baddie, before adding: ‘Don’t you worry about no moody little spells, mate.’

Meanwhile, Danny’s Ron and Harry are given super-posh accents in the entertaining 16 second clip that ends particularly badly for Malfoy – check it out below! (And remember – it’s SWEARY).

With Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – a play that picks up 19 years after the last book ends, and centres around the life of Harry’s son, Albus – set to open in London next summer, perhaps DD’s angling for a part? JK Rowling, consider this Danny Dyer’s official audition video.

We should probably also point out that Danny posted no less than FOUR James Bond voiceovers, so we can only imagine that more dubbed HP clips are coming our way. You have been warned…


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