Here’s the Honest Trailer for ‘Warcraft’ (VIDEO)

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LOS ANGELES, Sept 28 — The team at Screen Junkies are back with another Honest Trailer and this time they tackle a videogame favourite: Warcraft.

Watch as the voiceover guy hilariously points out that the film changed the world’s expectations of video game movies “from crappy-looking low-budget messes to gorgeous-looking high-budget messes”.

The voiceover goes on to say: “Dive into the video game movie that heightened our expectations of a video game movie, and then crushed them again.”

The team also go on to point out just how difficult the game-based film is to understand for non-gamers.

The Screen Junkies team have as usual done a brilliant job in pointing out the high and low points of the movie.

A screengrab from the ‘Warcraft’ movie.



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