Honest Trailers S.T.A.R.E.S. down ‘Agents of SHIELD’ with some tough love

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urx unit loader Honest Trailers S.T.A.R.E.S. down Agents of SHIELD with some tough love

“From Marvel Studios’ down-the-hall-neighbors and Joss Whedon’s little brother comes the franchise that isn’t as popular as the movies, and isn’t as critically-acclaimed as the Netflix shows — but darn it, it’s getting better. I mean, that’s what I hear anyway — I stopped watching halfway through Season One.”

In those handful of sentences, the Honest Trailers’ voiceover guy gets closer to a truth than the actual “Agents of SHIELD” has in three seasons of hour-long episodes. It is time for the Internet favorite to set its sights on the ABC series, and HT hilariously comes out swinging.

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For a clip that ostensibly wants to make you laugh, there sure is an impressive amount of on-target analysis going on here. The “trailer” explains how the entire “Agents of SHIELD” premise has been undermined by Marvel movies like “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” while it’s been left to play catch-up with whatever Marvel-universe agendas keep rolling downhill at them. “Listen, they’re doing the best they can, okay?” the voiceover says.

The clip also hilariously depicts all the times that Avengers fans have seen their favorite heroes’ … names get dropped by other characters. Even Clark Gregg’s unusual walking style is analyzed, as is his still-head-scratch-worthy return to the Marvel Universe, still not  acknowledged in the films by any of the characters who mourned his death. “You thought he was dead,” says the voiceover. “But now he’s back. Because the show needs a lead, and Sam Jackson was too expensive.”

Honest Trailers: Agents of Shield

The trailer even takes a shot at Kevin Feige, producer of the Marvel films. “Come on, Feige — you can’t get Hemsworth there for five minutes on his lunch break? Share your freakin’ toys, man!”

Whether you’re the biggest “SHIELD” fan in the world or have ever watched a single episode, the Honest Trailers spoof is worth a watch because it’s able to break down the show’s shortcomings in a brutally honest, humorous way. Sometimes the truth hurts — but as voiceover guy says at the beginning, it is getting better, so hopefully once Marvel stops laughing they can take a few notes.

“When you really think about it, it’s kind of surprising it’s as good as it is,” the clip surmises, once again speaking some truth.

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