How to turn your iPhone and iPad into capable assistive technology

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VoiceOver is the key feature that makes using iOS devices more intuitive for vision-impaired individuals. This feature switches the default navigation that previously relied on precise finger presses in favor of one where broad strokes and gestures can complete just about any task.

-To activate it, press and hold the home button to get Siri’s attention and then say “Turn on VoiceOver.” Alternatively, scroll down through the Settings menu until you find “Accessibility”. Click “VoiceOver” and slide the switch over to turn on the feature.

-Once activated, swipe left or right anywhere on the screen to move the selector, which will cue VoiceOver to read the selection out loud. If you come to an area of interest that you would like to click further into, tap the screen twice.

-Turning on the VoiceOver feature also activates sound effects that will trigger to give the user audible feedback on their gestures and touches. These can be turned off from the same menu.

-VoiceOver can also aid in reading notifications, such as incoming e-mails, text messages, out loud as they arrive on your iOS device.

Similar to Siri, VoiceOver’s spoken language or regional dialect can be changed. However, in addition to Siri’s more limited settings, users can download higher-quality voices that sound more realistic when using VoiceOver.

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