Latest IOS Has A Glitch That Can’t Be Fixed

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If you’ve got an iPhone or iPad, you’ve most likely seen a notification or two saying it’s time to update to the latest version of iOS – 9.3.4. Just as we’ve seen with previous iOS updates, guess what? This one has a small glitch that doesn’t have a fix – and for certain Apple products, it never will.

The glitch has to do with VoiceOver and voice dictation, which is extremely problematic for disabled and blind smartphone users. In short, VoiceOver reads you everything you need to know about your phone – from reading you directions in Maps to knowing how much battery life is left. Voice dictation, on the other hand, is where you tell your phone what to type or what task to complete.

This particular problem, which could have been around since iOS 9 when it was released in September 2015, prevents VoiceOver from working in unison with voice dictation. So, when VoiceOver is turned on, voice dictation will create jumbled words, often duplicated.

Here’s the deal: there’s good news and bad news. The good news is that the issue is already fixed in iOS 10 beta tests and iOS 10 is expected to be released with the new line of products sometime in September.

The bad news? Apple has no intentions of issuing a fix in the later operating systems. This means that if you have an iPhone 4S, iPad Mini, iPad 3rd Generation and the iPod Touch 5th generation, you won’t be getting a fix at all because these devices will not be compatible with iOS 10.

So far, according to Forbes, the only way to get around this problem is with a reboot of sorts:

  1. Turn VoiceOver off. Settings General Accessibility VoiceOver Toggle off.
  2. Turn on dictation. Settings General Keyboard Enable Dictation Toggle on.
  3. Talk. Hey Siri, how are you today?
  4. Turn off dictation. Settings General Keyboard Enable Dictation Toggle off.
  5. Turn VoiceOver on. Settings General Accessibility VoiceOver Toggle on.

It’s a lot of steps to take, but there’s no getting around it for now. Good luck.

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