LeBron James Returns for Beats in ‘You Deserve the Best’

Posted by on Jun 3, 2015 in Voice-Over | 0 comments

LeBron James returns for fashion headphones brand Beats (following the spot celebrating his Cleveland homecoming last fall) in the spot “You Deserve the Best,” presumably from R/GA-associated unit Hustle, following its “Hear What You Want” spot with Draymond Green last week.

The spot shows James putting on a fancy suit as the voiceover talks about fancy hotels and bespoke suits, explaining “That not why you put in the hours, the years, the reps. You do it for the wins, that’s your currency.” LeBron then slides on a pair of Beats Solo 2 Wireless as the voiceover delivers the line “And that’s why you deserve the best.” While anyone with even a cursory knowledge of headphone brands could tell you it’s ridiculous to attribute “best” status to Beats, that’s not what the line is really about. It’s an invitation giving the viewer permission to spend hundreds on the brand’s inflated sticker price, and as such it’s kind of clever. After all, who doesn’t want to think that they “deserve the best” for all their hard work?

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