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Chester Sides

Chester: Boy (Reindeer): Talent 8-13 yrs. old

Character Description: Proper, intelligent, cautious, rational, gentle, honest. Most rational/mature member of the crew. Not athletic or physically strong. C3PO-esque.

Performance: Crisp, clear, precise, brainy, pensive, well informed. It’s important that this character enunciates and speaks knowledgeably.

Include a singing sample (song of your choice, but make sure it demonstrates your range).


(In response to being asked to give the crew some information on sea turtles)
It would be my pleasure.

A mother sea turtle lays her eggs on the beach late at night, so predators don’t see where she hides her nest. Then she hides the eggs by covering them with sand, and crawls back into the ocean. Many days later, the babies break out of their eggs, using a special tooth called a caruncle.

Sea turtles are an endangered species. So it’s very important that we do everything we can to help the hatchlings survive.


(Out of breath, running alongside a baby turtle who is headed to the ocean)
You can do it, tiny turtle! Of course, even if you make it to the water, only 1% of hatchlings survive, those are horrific odds, but don’t let that get ya’ down!

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