New ‘Force Awakens’ commercial gives fans a good look at C-3PO’s Iron-Man arm

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urx unit loader New Force Awakens ad gives fans a good look at C 3POs Iron Man arm

One of the most endearing character traits about C-3PO has always been that he is essentially pop culture’s most complicated tinker toy. In “Phantom Menace,”as little Anakin is assembling him you can see motors and gears spinning inside; in “A New Hope,” he has a silver leg; in “Empire Strikes Back,” he is famously shot by Stormtroopers and spends a chunk of the movie disassembled.

The trend continues in “The Force Awakens,” and in a new commercial for the franchise, fans are getting their best look yet at C-3PO’s red arm.

A holiday commercial for Duracell batteries (is there any product at this point that doesn’t have a Star Wars tie-in?), the ad cleverly features “Quantum” batteries that seems to have the same color scheme as C-3PO’s mysterious new appendage. When a young boy puts it in his toy lightsaber, he is transported to the galaxy far, far away as a battle erupts.

“Sir, I must advise against this,” says the protocol droid, who appears in the kid’s bedroom alongside R2-D2. “The odds of survival are 608-to-one!”

“No choice, Threepio, my sister’s in trouble,” the boy responds. “Artoo gets it.”

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Although its origins will likely remain a mystery until JJ Abrams releases what is arguably the most anticipated film of all time on Dec. 18, the arm looks much more like a human prosthetic than it does a robotic one. With fully-formed fingers and smooth edges that downplay its circuitry, it looks like the kind of thing you could make on a 3D printer — perhaps even something Disney could make itself. When you factor in the coloring, Threepio’s limb looks like something you’d expect to see on Iron-Man.

The ad is so high-profile that Disney security guarded the set 24 hours a day. It is directed by Shawn Levy (the “Night at The Museum” films), and shows the kids wearing real costumes from the film. “Everything was very genuine to the Star Wars universe,” explains Seth Jacobs, creative director for Anomaly group, who made the ad. “So much so that our costumes needed to travel from ‘The Force Awakens’ set in London to Los Angeles, where we were shooting.”

The rest of the ad features some impressive effects that will no doubt stoke kids’ imaginations and bring their parents back to the days when they were running around in the backyard with plastic lightsabers. Stormtroopers in the hallways, Mom saying “You’re our only hope,” a sister (who is a doppelganger for Chloe Grace Moretz) kicking butt and AT-ATs threatening to step on the family home are among the visual delights. “Never underestimate the power of imagination,” the voiceover says.

And never underestimate the power of Star Wars fans, either. With less than fifty days to go until the film’s release, there’s already talk that the film could shatter the all-time box-office record.

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