Rubio Super PAC Ad Slams Bush as ‘Desperate’

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A new ad from Conservative Solutions PAC, which backs GOP candidate Marco Rubio, slams Jeb Bush as being “desperate” with his attacks on Rubio’s Senate attendance record.

“Desperate candidates say desperate things, and Jeb Bush is desperate,” says the ad’s narrator of the super PAC’s “Security” commercial, which will air statewide in Iowa.

The ad follows one from Right to Rise, a super PAC for Bush, which slams Rubio for missing a top-secret briefing in the days after the terrorist attacks in Paris so he could do fundraising instead, reports The Hill.

But Rubio’s campaign said he was at a select committee hearing about the attack days before the top-secret meeting was held.

The pro-Bush spot was just one hitting Rubio on his attendance record. Other candidates, including New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, have been slamming the Florida Republican for missing several votes while campaigning for the presidency.

Rubio has the worst attendance record of any senator in 2015, reports CNN.

“It would have been nice if he took the time to show up,” Christie said this past week, reports NBC News, after Rubio did not cast a vote on the federal budget. “I’m not saying Senator Rubio has to be in the Senate every day, I know he’s running for president. But this wasn’t just any day. This was the day that we were voting on the budget between now and September of [20]16.”

However, in the pro-Rubio ad, Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley is shown displaying a clip taken from a local television station, while the voiceover says Bush’s attacks on Rubio “have been dismissed and debunked by our own Sen. Grassley,” the ad says. “The fact: Rubio has attended more classified national security briefings this year than any other candidate.””

The ad then calls Rubio “the conservative most feared by Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush.”

In national and Iowa polls, Rubio is in third place, trailing frontrunners Donald Trump and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, and Bush’s ratings remain in the single digits.

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