Spokane’s ‘Iron Nun’ featured in new Nike ad

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SPOKANE, Wash. – Spokane’s own local celebrity is quickly becoming the talk of the internet thanks to a new commercial released on Sunday by Nike that features her.

The ‘Iron Nun’ also known as Sister Madonna Buder, is featured in the new “Unlimited Youth” advertisement. The ad features her running, biking, and swimming — much like an Ironman competition — with a male voiceover having a conversation with her. 

The male voiceover is concerned for Buder’s activity level, making note of her age and asking her, “nap time, sister?” Buder responds with “I don’t think so,” as she continues pedaling on.

When she makes the dash to the water at a mock Ironman event, the male voiceover pleads with her to not do it. Another man, also running to the water in the mock event, responds “Relax, she’s the Iron Nun!” Buder responds with “The first 45 didn’t kill me!”

The male voiceover finally responds “Okay sister, do your thing. do your thing.”

Buder has participated in more than 40 Ironman events, and became the oldest woman ever to complete the race in 2005 at the Hawaii Ironman. She then did it again in 2006, breaking her own record.

Buder also was in the news back in May for saving a man’s life by alerting him to the fact his house was on fire. She banged on his door to wake him up, and he was able to escape safely. The man said his smoke alarm was not working.

Watch the full ad below. Mobile users can view the ad here.



Ironman Coeur d’Alene is Sunday, August 21. KREM 2’s Executive News Director Noah Cooper will be participating in the event and is raising money to benefit the Gleason Initiative Foundation to improve the lives of ALS patients. You can make a donation by clicking on the link below, or here.

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