The Guy Who Did the Trailer Voiceover for Rob Zombie’s House of …

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Update: Richards hit me up on Twitter to refine his story, explaining, “I was the voice for the Canadian release….(Tags, theaters and times…) Still, it was a Rob Zombie film! (And one of my favs)”

This is an interesting story that seemingly comes out of nowhere. On his podcast, The “Raw” Mike Richards Show, host Mike Richards spoke about his attempts to become a voiceover guy for movie trailers, a journey that was ultimately a failure. However, he did manage to get his voice in one trailer, and that was for Rob Zombie’s first full-length feature, House of 1000 Corpses!

Thrilled with his performance (which consisted of literally one line), he went to his wife in the hopes of celebrating his achievement! However, it seems she didn’t share his enthusiasm…

Check out the story below!

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