The "Please Mind The Gap" voiceover man on London’s Tube has died

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By Declan Cashin

His voice is instantly recognisable to anyone who has ever used the London Underground.

Phil Sayer, the man behind the “Mind the gap” and other service announcements in London Tube stations, sadly passed away earlier on Friday.

He and his wife Elinor had set up a voiceover company, and it was on its Facebook page that the news came today: “Phil Sayer – voice of reason, radio, and railways. A dearly loved husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle and friend.

“We are sorry to announce that this service terminates here.”


The 63-year-old had been battling cancer.


(via Facebook)

Throughout his career, he’d also worked in radio in Manchester.

We can only hope he took some joy in the fact that a man named “Sayer” became a professional voiceover worker – it’s one of the best cases of nominative determinism we’ve seen in a long time.

Rest in Peace, Phil.

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