VCCP Introduces ‘Unicorn Power by First Utility

Posted by on Jan 7, 2016 in Voice-Over | 0 comments

VCCP launched a new campaign for U.K. energy provider First Utility, promising HD electricity created by harnessing the power of unicorn horns. 

The spot opens with a group of unicorns running majestically through a field during a lightning storm. As the storm fades the voiceover begins, “The horn of a unicorn is a powerful thing. For the first time ever, we’ve harnessed their superconductive powers.” The HD electricity generated by the unicorn horns, the ad promises, will cook food faster, make televisions brighter and more. This elaborate setup is all in service of a very predictable payoff: there’s no such thing as HD electricity; since all electricity is the same, why would you pay more for it when you could save with First Bank? It’s a pretty well-weather approach in a lot of ways, although perhaps more over-the-top than most ads with a similar twist. Then there’s the unicorn obsession, which extends one of 2015’s creative advertising trends, according to Adweek, into 2016 (for better or worse). We did learn something from the ad, however. According to the voiceover, unicorns can’t wink. 

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