VIDEO Gorgeous Irish short Ayame gets John Hurt voiceover

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Ayamé is a new Irish short film from commercials director Conor Maloney which is set in a future dystopia and looks absolutely stunning. And it also features voiceover from acting legend John Hurt.

Watch the video here.

Here’s the set up:

An impending disaster looms. Facing total extinction, a military operation turns to the stars in order to relocate the entire human race. During the exodus, one man is sent to rescue his former comrade after she mysteriously disappears while executing a covert operation off world.

While the short is very impressive on its own, Moloney is intending it to be just a proof of concept – a way to get the project and his talents noticed in the hope that a full feature film version could be made. There’s certainly a lot of potential here in the world and the quality of the visuals speak for themselves.

Known primarily for his commercial and music video work, Conor’s previous short, Blink, was selected for the Montreal World Film Festival.

“The initial idea was far too big to take on so we decided to concentrate on just the prologue, to act as an introduction to the world of Ayamé,” said Director Conor Maloney. “Hopefully the future for Ayamé is to be able to elaborate more on the world and take it from being the small segment that it is to hopefully a feature film.”

The film features special effects and post production by Windmill Lane and stars actress Laura Graham. Take a look behind the scenes here.

Let’s hope we hear a lot more about Ayamé very soon.

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