Voice of CTA Lee Crooks rides the ‘L,’ surprises commuters [VIDEO]

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CHICAGO — The man behind the familiar voice that tells CTA riders when the train doors are closing, which stops are next, and on which side they may step off recently met some of the commuters who hear his words every day.

DNA Info recently followed Lee Crooks, the voice of the CTA, for a trip around Chicago. The website ran two videos earlier this month starring Crooks, as a follow-up to its 2013 profile of the voiceover specialist.

The first video shows Crooks riding the ‘L’ and performing Chicago-themed “dramatic readings” in his famous announcement voice, including The Joker’s “Why so serious?” line from the 2008 film, “The Dark Knight,” in which Chicago doubled as Batman’s home of Gotham.

A few days later, DNA Info published a second video in which Crooks commuted around the city, surprising commuters by repeating some of his famous train announcements. The video featured funny moments in which the recorded Crooks interrupted real-life Crooks, and real-life Crooks arguing with recorded Crooks when the announcement told to transfer trains.

“Don’t tell me what to do; I don’t want to transfer,” Crooks told himself.

Though Crooks is most well-known to Chicagoans by his CTA announcements, his reach doesn’t end there. According to his website, Crooks also performs voiceovers for Wal-Mart, True Value and Boeing, among other companies.

Check out the full video in the player above.



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