Xbox App for PC Update Includes Voiceover Support, Facebook Integration

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Microsoft has rolled out a new update for the Xbox app on Windows 10 desktop computers and tablets. The patch carries voiceover support for Game DVR clips and Facebook integration.

According to Xbox Wire, users on can now use their PC’s headsets to narrate gameplay action. This can be done via a new dedicated keyboard shortcut. Pressing Win + Alt + M will turn on the microphone. Users who want to keep the microphone on for all sessions can do so by following these instructions:

Navigate to Game bar Settings Audio or Xbox app Settings Game DVR Audio.

Meanwhile, Facebook comes to the Xbox app via the new Friend Finder feature. Xbox program director Mike Ybarra said once the update is applied, a Facebook icon will pop in the Suggested Friends portion on the Friends column. Clicking the icon would sync a user’s Facebook and Xbox Live account. The pairing allows users to add a Facebook friend directly from Xbox Live.

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Additionally, users can add a custom hotkey dedicated for voice recording. The clips they create can then be shared on Xbox Live, Facebook or other social media networks. The Xbox Store interface for PC and Xbox One games has also been enhanced. Lastly, the new Xbox app update adds video recording and screenshot capturing for all games.

As for Microsoft’s current-gen console, the New Xbox One Experience update started rolling out last week. It completely revamped the dashboard and introduced wider support for backwards-compatible Xbox 360 games.

The new firmware brought a collection of UI enhancements while also speeding up the overall graphics performance of the console, Tech Radar reported.

Changelogs of the new Xbox One update include the following:

  • Home screen shows the user’s latest activity. Users can learn more about the recent activities by scrolling down to the lower right-side of the screen.
  • The middle portion of the home screen displays the game that was last played.
  • The other previously played games are also displayed, albeit to a lesser degree, along with their important in-game details.
  • Pins are now situated below the home screen. They feature the user’s most favourite apps, shows and etc.
  • Shortcuts are now in place to allow users to check pins immediately after a game instead of them scrolling all the way down to the bottom portion of the home screen.
  • Tips and Updates is a new feature that displays upcoming events, updates and promotions for the Xbox One.

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